"Creations" by Alno

Creations by Alno requested Kara Kreations to design and manufacture modular POS Displays for their cabinet hardware and bathroom accessory product lines for high volume retail stores. Concepts were approved for display units with crown molding and lighted canopies to highlight individual product panels and installed at retail facilities across the country.

Rainforest Café

Rainforest Café contracted Kara Kreations to manufacture replacement “Bubble Wall” Tanks for multiple facilities across the country. These tanks are installed under their bar counters with lights, water, graphics  backdrop, plumbing and air pumps to create a bubble visual effect synonymous with their Rainforest theme.

Drink Nuero

Drink Nuero utilized graphic wrapped vehicles to promote their product line at outdoor venues. Kara Kreations created a custom Polypro Ice Chest to fit inside the hatch door trunk area, with hinged lockable lid, water drain system, mounted on rails to enable sales representative to slide the ice chest out the rear door compartment for clients to sample drinks.